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About Course

As a trader, knowing what to buy, and when to buy have been my secret weapons to making money consistently in the stock market. Any strategy outside these is just a waste of time and resources.


How do you know what to buy?


It’s like trying to separate the bad or worst students in a class from the brilliant ones; you can always bet that the top-performing students will most likely remain at the top of the class (at least 90% of the time).


That’s how you spot the best companies to trade; look for the best growth stocks that history of consistent sales, and earnings.


And how do you know when to buy?


This is the most important part of your trade decision; the time you bought a stock, the price you pay actually determines your risk to reward.


Buying a good stock at the wrong time exposes you to huge downside risk, you may be buying at the top of the market or keeping your existing shares when sellers are in charge of the market.


The best time to buy a stock is when the price is at the bottom; where the market considers the stock cheap enough to attract new buyers’ interest.


This is what you’d be learning in my Millionaire Stock Trader course:


At the end of this course, you stop struggling with stocks to buy and start picking great companies at bargain prices, then trade your select stocks for consistent short-term returns

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to quickly find companies that are posting impressive growth in revenue/sales and profits
  • How to know the exact stocks that are attracting most attention in the market
  • The best time to buy the stock with limited downside risk and huge upside potentials.

Course Content

Fundamental Analysis for Short-term

  • How to separate the best stocks

Sentiment Analysis

Technical Analysis for Short-term