How to Pick Great Companies for your US Dollar Investment

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How to Pick Great Companies for your US Dollar Investment

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About Course

Investing in GREAT companies at attractive prices is Warren Buffet’s secret weapon to building wealth and generating billions of dollars in pure profit in the stock market.


You don’t need a NEW strategy again, all you need is copy this investment model, duplicate the processes and get the same result on your personal portfolio.


I always tell my community members that INVESTMENT is like MARRIAGE, you can’t afford to settle with a random person and say you have found a WIFE or HUSAND, it’s a life decision that requires due diligence, thorough investigations and deep research before you conclude on whether you are with the right partner or not.


This is not different from investing in companies.


In investment, you are saying you want to put your hard-earned money in a company for at least 5-10 years or even more….what if the company collapse or can’t survive a major economic shock or uncertainties? I can imagine how many companies have closed shop during Covid?


This is why you need a course that will take you from ground zero, show you the most important numbers you should check before you invest in any US companies and how much the share price is worth.


In this video course, I analyzed popular global brands you know, selected my favorites’ picks using 3 checklist criteria and calculated the fair value of these stocks for bargain hunting.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Why you should consider currency diversification
  • Different types of profitable US dollar investment opportunities
  • Why you should invest in the US stock market
  • Why the global stock market can't collapse
  • How to find great companies using 3 powerful checklists
  • How to know whether a company's share price is cheap or expensive before you buy.
  • Tips to build a diversified long-term portfolio in the US market.
  • How to quickly calculate the fair value of any stock using my Excel sheet model.

Course Content

How to Pick Great Companies for your US Dollar Investment

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