How To Analyze Insurance Stocks

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How To Analyze Insurance Stocks

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About Course

Do you want to make big returns trading the stock market? then look for hot penny stocks with sound fundamentals and go big on them.


Guess where you’d find more of these rare gems?


Insurance sector.


In 2016/2017, NEM shares sold for prices below N1, you could pick the insurance stocks at kobo prices and leverage the impressive year-on-year growth to multiply your investment by over 500% return.


Today, the same insurance stocks now sell for prices well above N5.


So, imagined that you bought the company’s shares for 90kobo and picked up N1,000,000 worth of the insurance stock, which would be 1,111,111 units. Using the market price of N5, the same investment should be worth N5,555,555, a significant 455% growth in 6-7 years.


This is the type of money you can make if you buy into profitable insurance stocks.


Well, it’s not as easy as it is on a calculator, you need to do your diligence and factor in the risk inherent in insurance stocks. In the same way, the returns are attractive, that’s how easy it is to lose your money if you don’t follow the steps I will be sharing in this video course.


A stock isn’t trading for that penny price for no reason, some could be largely driven by risk in the industry.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What insurance companies do and how to make money
  • A breakdown of the complex key terms on the insurance company’s financial statement.
  • The single metric that tells you whether an insurance company is profitable or not; miss this, your money is gone.
  • How I compare insurance companies, with real data, and select my favorite stocks.
  • Where to find financial statements of insurance stocks.
  • Why trading an insurance stock is better than investing.

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