Beginner To Dividend Income; How Billionaires get richer every year.

HomeCourseBeginner To Dividend Income; How Billionaires get richer every year.

Beginner To Dividend Income; How Billionaires get richer every year.

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About Course

This is not the regular dividend investing tutorial you know!


It’s an unconventional secret that billionaire investors have used to become more prosperous every year in the Nigerian stock market.


This video course is for those that can’t swallow the risk of trading stocks or waiting for the price to appreciate before they make money.


Imagine that every year for the rest of your life, your favourite company is paying you a GUARANTEED 16%, 20%, 22% or even 25% return on your money credited directed to your bank account without the stress of trading stocks; This is not a buy low, sell high trading method that requires you to wait for capital appreciation.


Even if your share prices are falling like a rock, this strategy has generated double-digit returns of up to 50% above the market index (I used the data of 3 stocks to demonstrate this, you will even see the massive profit you can make when everyone is losing their hard-earned money in the market).


Is this strategy sure?


Will I lose my money?



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What Will You Learn?

  • How to start your dividend selection process without guesswork and stay above economic hardship.
  • The single financial tool you need to determine the direction of the stock market
  • The 6 perfect checklists to pick JUICY DIVIDEND STOCKS in Nigeria or US market that will beat the inflation rate, pay more than TREASURY BILLS, BANK DEPOSIT and give you lifetime retirement cashflow.
  • The best websites to analyze your next dividend stocks; find all the data you need to take swift and straightforward investment decisions.
  • Quickly shop for the best high-paying dividend stocks in the market right now.

Course Content

How to Select Dividend Stocks

  • How to pick the best high-yielding stocks for passive income

How to Check and Analyze Stable Dividend Stock